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Rib Fillet

Rib Fillet

Paramount to our cattle operation is the health and wellbeing of our stock. This is made all the easier by the Square Meaters breed with their quiet disposition, great natural maternal instinct, natural polling (no horns that require removing) and their great ability to convert pasture into succulent beef.

 If seasonal conditions turn for the worst, our stock although they are great natural forages, shall be supplemented with feed to help maintain their condition. We do not feedlot any of our stock. We do not use Hormone growth promotants (HGPs) as Square Meaters cattle are naturally fast maturing animals. We are very fortunate that our Square Meaters sires, when Genestar tested for tenderness (score:1 the least tender and 8 the highest) came back with excellent results with one of the Bulls scoring an 8 (melt in your mouth beef) and has been passing this gene onto his progeny. So you the consumer, when you purchase a product from Oakvale Paddock to Plate can share in this wonderful melt in your mouth experience!

Once our animals reach 400 kg (approx.12-14 months of age) and are in the right condition they are sent for processing in an accredited Abattoir and Butchery. Both of these facilities are small family run operations employing local staff. The carcasses are dry aged for up to 3 weeks (hang in the coldroom). This process creates a greater concentration of beef flavour and taste. Secondly, the beef’s natural enzymes break down the connective tissue in the muscle, which leads to more tender beef. The Butchers then process and package the order to the customers requirements. This can include the marinating of your steak, stuffed roasts, sausages and steakettes, even down to the thickness you would like your steak sliced and the number of pieces required per pack. Once the order is complete we shall deliver it direct to your door (within our delivery area).

A point of difference with Oakvale Paddock to Plate is the price you pay per kilo is for the end product after trimming, compared to some other suppliers of bulk beef packs that set their prices on carcass weight (your paying for the trimming that goes in the bin).

Oakvale Paddock to Plate products are not just a bulk pack of beef, our order form gives you the choice of how you would like your order prepared.

You can choose from the following preparations this is all inclusive in the price per kilogram:

  • The thickness you would like your steak sliced.
  • You may desire to marinate some of your rump steak or add some pepper steak to your order.
  • Your Silverside can be fresh or corned.
  • Rolled Rib Roasts can be ordered plain or you may prefer to have them seasoned (Stuffed).
  • You are able to nominate the percentage of your Premium Mince you would like processed into Steakettes.
  • You are able to nominate the percentage Sausages you would like to be thick or thin, you may also require them to be Gluten Free.
  • Kidney, Heart, Tongue, Liver and Tail are also available with beef orders if required.

Then it’s just a matter of deciding how you would like your order packed in either portions to suit 2 or 4 persons. If you require good dog bones we can also supply them with your order up to 3kilograms per quarter pack of beef. The nominal fee charged for the bones is then donated to the guide dogs for the blind as this organization has no government funding for the breeding and training of these special animals!