What Are Square Meaters?

10-04-2012 003This is a question that everyone asks.

Our eating habits have changed since the birth of the Australian cattle industry. Today’s consumer is more health conscious requesting quality, not quantity when purchasing red meat asking butchers for younger, tender and smaller portions of steak, and Square Meaters Cattle cater for today’s market demands.

Square Meaters have been developed and targeted wholly and solely for the premium domestic trade.

In the early 1990′s Mr Rick Pisaturo determined that a market existed for a specific type of beef animal specifically a breed that was fast growing, well muscled with an even fat cover but very importantly early maturing. Square Meaters are also recognised for their quiet disposition with the cows having a good supply of milk which makes for a healthy, quick growing calf. By the meticulous selection of older style pre-1970’s Australian Grey bulls and females he produced the world’s first Square Meaters calves at his Mandalong Stud in 1994.

Square Meaters breeders have been punching well above their weight when it comes to proving the worth of the breed with excellent results in hoof and hook, carcass competitions and sale yard results in all states across the country.